Benjamin Franklin’s Keys to Success

05 十二月



Benjamin Franklin’s Keys to Success (13 Virtues)

1. Temperance

Eat not to dullness. Drink not to Elevation

2. Silence

Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself.  Avoid trifling Conversation

3. Order

Let all your Things have their Places. Let each Part of your Business have its Time.

4. Resolution

Resolve to perform what you ought. Perform without fail what you resolve

5. Frugality

Make no Expense but to do good to others or yourself: i.e. Waste nothing

6. Industry

Lose no Time. Be always employ’d in something useful.  Cut off all unnecessary Actions.

7. Sincerity

Use no hurtful Deceit. Think innocently and justly; and, if you speak; speak accordingly.

8. Justice

Wrong none, by doing Injuries or omitting the Benefits that are your Duty

9. Moderation

Avoid Extremes. Forbear resenting Injuries so much as you think they deserve

10. Cleanliness

Tolerate no Uncleanness in Body, Clothes, or Habitation

11. Tranquility

Be not disturbed at Trifles, or Accidents common or unavoidable

12. Humility

Imitate Jesus and Socrates





1.      節制:食不可過飽,飲不得過量。

2.      緘默:避免無聊閒扯,言談必須對人有益。

3.      秩序:生活物品要放置有序,工作時間要合理安排。

4.      決心:要做之事就下決心去做,決心做的事一定要完成。

5.      節儉:不得浪費,任何花費都要有益,不論是于人於己。

6.      勤勉:珍惜每一刻時間,去除一切不必要之舉,勤做有益之事。

7.      真誠:不損害他人,不使用欺騙手段。

8.      正義:不提損人利己,履行應盡的義務。

9.      中庸:避免任何極端傾向,儘量克制報復心理。

10.  清潔:身體、衣著和居所要力求清潔。

11.  平靜:戒除不必要的煩惱。

12.  貞節:決不使身體虛弱,生活貧乏,除非爲了健康或後代的需要。

13.  謙遜:以耶穌和蘇格拉底爲榜樣。



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